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What is a travel notebook?

Welcome to your Travel Notebook. With this tool you will be able to collect all the tourist information on Albacete that you need and get a printable document to guide you on your next trip.

Travel Notebook Guide

Adding items to your Travel Notebook

While viewing the page, you can see on the right-hand side of the information sheets the button to add the current item to the travel notebook."Add to Travel Notebook ":

img añadir cuaderno viaje

Every time you add a new item to the guide, you will have the option to view your Travel Notebook or to continue viewing the webpage:

img popup cuaderno viaje

Managing items in your Travel Notebook

At any time you can view your Travel Notebook , either after you have added a new item or by clicking the button on the left-hand part of the webpage.>

img tienes elementos cuaderno viaje

Once inside your Travel Notebook , you will see a list of the items you have added to your travel notebook. Below each item are action icons for the notebook:

img acciones sobre cuaderno viaje

Following are the functions of the buttons:

  • Add personal comment to item.
  • Remove item for the travel notebook.
  • Change the position of the notebook item (up/down arrows).
Creating your Travel Notebook

Once you have finished adding items to your travel notebook, you can obtain a PDF document by clicking on the link "Download Travel Notebook ", which appears on the list of actions for the travel notebook:

img acciones sobre cuaderno 2 viaje

There is also an option to send the recently created travel notebook to a friend, who will receive an e-mail with a link to the included items. You can choose to send yourself a travel notebook and so cansave the link on your computerand access the information at any time.

Finally, you can choose the title of the information and the configuration for your Travel Notebook and choose between the different possibilities that the application offers before downloading:

img opciones descarga cuaderno viaje