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Campos de Hellín

Tourism in Campos de Hellín, District of Albacete:
The district Campos de Hellín extends to the southeast of the province of Albacete, on the border with the region of Murcia, where the landscape is characterised by the presenceee of wide valleys, cultivation of vineyards, olive groves, almond trees and apricot trees, separated by mountain ranges of medium height.

Embalse Camarilla (Hellín)

In the southeast of Castilla La Mancha, the plateau transforms its horizons into a district which combines in its depths all the landscapes and all the stories. It is the District of Campos de Hellín.

The journey round the district of Campos de Hellín shows in full the variety of its landscapes. From wide valleys and semi-arid plains which base their richness on extraordinary vineyards, olive groves and almond trees, to the mountainous and marshy areas in the south, irrigated by the rivers Mundo and Segura, where the landscape becomes rugged and the fields fertile.

It would be too long-winded to name all the resources available in the District of Campos de Hellín. Our cultural offering offers elements of extraordinary interest, such as the Tolmo de Minateda, a first-rate archaeological enclave in Castilla La Mancha, the cave paintings which have the same name, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, neighbourhoods of Arabic framework,civil and religious architecture undoubted worth, villages and hamlet with an authentic rural flavour.

and the nature of the District of the Campos de Hellín, with its rivers and swamps, protected marshes which are of high ecological and educational value or welcoming mountainous landscapes. and its multiple possibilities for carrying out sporting activities in the open air: hiking, canoeing, fishing, hunting…even motorless flight in the Ontur aerodrome, where numerous hobbyist from our country and from abroad gather, attracted by its exceptional thermals. Together with all of that, a singular culinary richness, based on the delicious "village cuisine" and washed down with the generous wines of the land.

Holy Week in Hellín and Tobarra, offers an extraordinary show of popular displays, declared, with its extraordinary drum jams, of International Tourist Interest.

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By Car
  • From Madrid A-31 or AP-36 as far as Albacete and connect with the A-30
  • From Murcia A-30 Murcia Dual Carriageway .
  • From Alicante A-7 as far as Molina del Segura and connect with the A-30
  • From Valencia A-35 as far as Almansa and connect with the CM-412 Almansa-Hellín
  • Albacete bus station 967216012.
  • Bus station of Hellín 967300367
  • Tobarra bus station 967328500
  • Provincial taxi association 967220008
By train
  • Stop in Hellín - Renfe 902240202

Tourist office

  • Tourist office of Hellín 967541500


  • Albatana


    • The simple church of Saint Ildefonso, built in a neoclassical style, stands in the main square, next to the municipal buildings.
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  • Iglesia de Fuenteálamo


    • The most outstanding building is the Church of San Dionisio Areopagita, built in a neoclassical style.
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  • Plaza de Hellín


    • One of the most interesting parts of this town is the Arab quarter, organised around the Almohad castle. The Hermitage of Rosario, who is the patro...
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  • Ontur


    • In this small town the cemetery of Eras, which goes back to Roman times, the famed Ontur dolls that are the prized jewels of the Archaeological Mus...
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  • Ermita de Tobarra


    • Highlighted by its City council of the sixteenth century, a good number of its houses emblazoned , which date back to the sixteenth to eighteenth c...
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