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La Manchuela

Tourism in La Manchuela - District of Albacete:
La Manchuela is a District located in the northeast of the province of Albacete, bordering the provinces of Cuenca and Valencia. La Manchuela has an appearance which is clearly different to the Llanos district of La Mancha, is strongly influenced by the river Júcar, which crosses it from east to west creating landscapes of contrasts between the valley and the plain, which is always surprising for the traveller.

Alcalá del Júcar

The tourism in La Manchuela is surprising. Cross by the Júcar and Cabriel rivers, La Manchuela is a district full of contrastswhich seduces the traveller with its landscape and cultural richness. Located at the northeast edge of the province of Albacete and in the southeast of Cuenca, its hallmarks arise from a remote past which has left its mark through the civilizations (Iberian, Arabic, Roman…) and the centuries:churches, castles, walls, blazons ...

But La Manchuela is not only the history of its twenty-five villages. The plain often turns into a valley and nature shows itself to be hidden and full of surprises.

Regarding its two watersheds, there are two routes of special importance, following the course of the rivers: la Hoz del Júcar and the Valle del Cabriel.

Sit down at the table to savour its cuisine: the La Mancha gazpachos, mataero garlic, cold meats or the home made cakes. La Manchuela offers you everything you might wish in order to enjoy: nature, history, sport, cuisine, festivals or rest.

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By Car
  • From Madrid A-31 Alicante Dual Carriageway,AP-36 until Albacete and connect with N-322.
  • From Madrid by the A-3 connects in Requena with the N-322
  • From Alicante A-31 Alicante Dual Carriageway and connect with the CM-3201 in Alpera
  • From Valencia N -322 Albacete-Requena . CM-332 Albacete- Ayora
  • Albacete bus station 967 216012
  • Provincial taxi association 967 220008

Tourist office

  • District Tourist office APEHT Casas Ibańez 967 467017
  • Fuentealbilla Association of Municipalities Tourist Office 967 477535
  • Alcalá del Júcar Tourist Office 967 473090