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Mancha Júcar and Valle del Júcar

Tourism in the Valle del Júcar -  Mancha Júcar, District of Albacete:
District of the Valle del Júcar -  Mancha Júcar, located in the north of the province of Albacete, borders Cuenca and Ciudad Real. The District of the Valle del Júcar is a crossroads no more than an hour-and-a-half from Alicante, Madrid or Murcia, land of low hills, of holm.oak woods and pinewoods; but above all, arable and pasture land, crossed by good vineyards which join their rows into the line of the horizon.

Villalgordo del Júcar

In the District of the Valle del Júcar, Mancha Júcar-Centro, located in the north of the province of Albacete, all its villages have on the one hand a marked La Mancha character, and on the other the attraction of the Valle del Júcar. We could say that it is the combination of these two elements, plain and river, what characterizes this district which is rich in resources which we invite you to tour round and discover

The La Mancha landscape of the District of the Valle del Júcar is the one of almost perfect flatness, of open, never-ending horizons ... they are lands of clayey and chalky soils where the waters are drained and filtered to settle and generate the most valuable resource in the district: subterranean waters; they are lands which are traditionally dedicated to the vine and cereal.

It is in the District of the Valle del Júcar where population centres follow one after the other which are characterised by being passing placesBarrax, La Gineta, Minaya, La Roda and Villarrobledo, are villages where a relaxed visit is required, in in search not so much of monumental landmarks (which there are) as of manifestations of rhythms and modes of living in which still survives in the essence of what is rural.

The District of the valley of the Valle del Júcar, is in this district an open valley (at its entrance by Villalgordo and its descent towards Fuensanta, Montalvos and Tarazona de La Mancha) to enter La Manchuela where the riverbed sinks and the valley becomes even more closed.

Hunting forms part of the oldest traditions. In The District of the Valle del Júcar there is agreat quantity of reserves, most of which are owned by hunting societies. Fishing in the river Júcar, we can find extensive stretches where we can do this sport. The native crab, is without doubt the star of fishing in the district.

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By Car
  • From Madrid by the AP-36: Ocańa-La Roda Motorway. A-31 La Roda- Albacete Dual Carriageway. N-301 passes by Minaya. N-310 passes by Villarrobledo
  • From Cuenca and Ciudad Real by the A-43
  • From Cuenca N-320 La Gineta-Tarazona.
  • From Ciudad Real N-430 Barrax-Albacete.
  • Albacete bus station 967 216012
  • La Roda bus station 967 441058
  • Villarrobledo bus station 967 441058
  • Provincial taxi association 967 220008
By train
  • Stops in: Villarrobledo, La Roda and La Gineta - Renfe 902 240202

Tourist office

  • District Tourist office APEHT Villarrobledo 967 142903
  • Villarrobledo Tourist office 967 141980