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Monte Ibérico and Corredor de Almansa

Tourism in the Monte Ibérico Corredor de Almansa – District of Albacete:
The district Monte Ibérico and Corredor de Almansa is located in the southeast of the province of Albacete, bordering the Valencia region. It is one of the 17 natural passes on the peninsula and was used by various civilisations which have left vestiges: castles, villages and communication roads, of which the current ones are the heirs.

Castillo de Almansa

When we approach thedistrict of the Monte Ibérico and Corredor de Almansa, located at the southeastern edge of the province of Albacete, the first thing we notice is its rich architectural heritage, which reflects a long history which has left its mark on this land throughout its 10 municipalities. The villages of the district of the Monte Ibérico and Corredor de Almansahave an important heritage of monuments, where Chinchilla de Montearagón, Caudete and Almansastand out, with imposing castlesbeautiful old medieval towns and emblazoned mansions, which illustrate the importance of these cities in the middle ages . We find witness of its archaeological richness throughout the territory, it is also necessary to highlight in this areas its deep-rooted and eye-catching festivals, such as the  Holy Week of Chinchilla, and the festivals of Moors and Christians of Caudete and Almansa, declared to be of National Tourist Interest.

The district of the Monte Ibérico and Corredor de Almansa is also an area of geographical contrasts, which has a singular landscape in which extensive plains peppered with hills, dense mountain ranges and lagoon spaces of great ecological richness alternate. One of the highest peaks of the province is in Higueruela, the so-called Molatón at 1,265m high. There are spaces which are of great ecological interest and beautiful landscapes, which is perfect for hiking and touring on a bicycle. Betweeb Pozo Cańada, Pétrola and Corral Rubio we find various saline lagoons which are endorheic in origin, declared to be a protected spalce in the Environment Conservation Plan of Castilla-La Mancha, this exceptional ecosystem is the refugr of numerous waterbirds such as the flamenco, the marsh harrier or the red-crested pochard and many other migratory ones.

The district of Monte Ibérico-Corredor de Almansa also has a rich ethnological heritage which survies as part of its deepest identity.

That all makes the district in a territory full of diversity which offers the visitor a world of cultural, sporting and culinary possibilities.

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By Car
  • From Madrid A-31 Alicante Dual Carriageway
  • From Alicante A-31 Alicante Dual Carriageway. CM-412 Almansa-Montealegre
  • From Valencia A-35 Almansa-Játiva Dual Carriageway. N-330 by Requena
  • Albacete bus station 967 216 012
  • Provincial taxi association 967 220 008
By train
  • Stops in Chinchilla, Almansa and Caudete - Renfe 902 240 202

Tourist office

  • Tourist office of Almansa 967 344 771
  • Tourist office of Caudete 965 828 134
  • Tourist office of Chinchilla 967 260 001