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Sierra de la Segura

Tourism in la Sierra de la Segura, District of Albacete:
The district of la Sierra de la Segura, which owes its name to the main river which irrigates it, extends to the southeast of the province of Albacete. Its mountainous alignment, the highest elevation of which is the Sierra de las Cabras (2,086 metres), are separated by narrow valleys and deep canyons carved out by rivers and streams.

Nacimiento del Rio Mundo

The district of la Sierra de la Segura is located in the southernmost end of Castilla La Mancha and in the cradle of the province of Albacete which borders Jaén, Granada and Murcia, la Sierra de la Segura rises impressively where the plain ends opens itself to the visitor as a privileged space from the point of view of ecology and landscape.

The district of la Sierra de la Segura is far from La Mancha plain, the Sierra de la Segura, which is unique due to its natural environment, is one of the most singular areas of the georgraphy of Albacete. Its landscapes has foliage, forests, enclosed valleys and, above all, the murmur of water because in each village there isa river or a stream. El Segura, El Mundo, El Your, el Madera, el Zumeta, el Taibilla, ...

For all these reasons, the district of la Sierra de la Segura is one of the most interesting areas in the province, natural specially-proteced natural areas standing out such as the Streams of the River Mundo and la Cabaña de los Mojones. The tourist attractions are counted in the dozens throughout its irregular geography.

In Riópar the wonder of the birth of the river Mundo, the vantage points of Liétor and Letur. In Ayna the admiration of one of the most picturesque villages. In Bogarra and Paterna, the beauty of the landscape crossed by the river Madera. The excellence of nature in Molinicos. In Elche de la Sierra experience the bullruns. In Férez and Socovos discover the lands surrounded by the Segura. In Yeste, among forests, discover the Tus and the Segura. In Nerpio combine history with the picturesque and mountainous nature. Wherever one looks, la Sierra de la Segura is alive and nature breathes in it, peace for the complete enjoyment of all the senses.

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  • from Madrid A-31 or AP-36 as far as Albacete link with A-30 dual carriageway of Murcia as far as Hellín and the CM-412.
  • From Madrid by the A-4 dual carriageway of Andalusia as far as Manzanares and connect with the N-430
  • From Albacete by the C-3203 through Peñas de S. Pedro
  • From Murcia A-30 Murcia Dual Carriageway as far as Hellín connect with the CM-412
  • From Murcia by the C-321 enter in Socovos and the AB-702 in Nerpio
  • From Alicante A- 7 as far as Murcia and take the A-30 until Hellín
  • From Valencia A-35 as far as Almansa and connect with the CM-412 Almansa-Hellín
  • From Jaén by the N-322 and connect in Reolid with the CM-412.
  • From Ciudad Real by the CM-412
  • Albacete bus station 967 216012.
  • Provincial taxi association 967 220008

Tourist office

  • Tourist office of Mancomunidad Elche de la Sierra 967 411100
  • Tourist office of Ayna 967 295316
  • Tourist office of Letur 967 426304
  • Tourist Office of Nerpio 967 438170
  • Tourist office of Ferez 690 939 652
  • Tourist office of Riópar 967 435230
  • Tourist office of Yeste 967 431154