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Enological Tourism

"enotourism" (tourism surrounding wine) empieza a adquirir a gran peso dentro of the oferta turísticone of the province.

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Wines with History

Enotourism is defined as carrying out the tourist, lesisure and free time activities dedicated to the discovert and cultural and enological enjoyment of the vineyard, wine and its environment. Wine touism in Albacete consists not only of visiting cellars but also includes a range of services combined in a professional offering orientated towards diversification and that with a doble interest: knowing a destination and its heritage and carrying out activities related to this product which has great cultural value. For that purpose a series ofroutes or itineraries have been drawn up which allow at once visiting the cellars and discovering the other tourist resources related to the enological and culinary culture of the territory.

The wine routes, the product club "Divinum Vitae" and another series of products have opened abroad range of possibilities  around the world of wine: trying types of grapes and wines, doing winetasting and sampling, taking interpretive tours of the landscape, getting to know the people from the place, participate in the grape harvest, discover the history of the villages and their monuments. However, there are many other possibilitiessuch as enjoying singular accommodation, carrying out sporting activiries among the vineyards, relaxing with wine therapy and, why not, doing wine-pairing with typical cuisine.

In the province there are vineyards belonging to the followingDenominations of origin: Almansa, Jumilla, La Mancha, Manchuela and other vinos of pago. Tour them and sample these wines is a compulsory challenge for the tourist who has a preference for wine.