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Health Tourism

Albacete is an ideal province toget away from it all and enjoy your free time in a restorative environment.

Turismo de Salud

Albacete is an ideal province to get away from it all and enjoy your free time in a restorative environment . In order to do so, we will give entrance to spas or thermal spa, old bathing houses -which today have been turned into comfortable rural accommodation - and SPA centres.


Facilities which have mineral-medicinal waters which have been declared of use to the public. They are waters which have some curative property wince they contain certain mineral salts or due to being a certain temperatura; it is also possible to combine both characteristics.

Moreover, it must have a medical and and  service; with facilities to put into practice the techniques that are prescribed.


It is accommodation which, as a complement to its normal options, it has facilties the purpose of which is relaxation and body care. Its name, which comes from Latin, Salus per aquam (health through water), indicates that it is a space of well-being where the techniques that are carried out with water are applied.