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Hunting and Fishing

Hunting and Fishing in Albacete:
Those interested in Hunting and Fishing in Albacete have an ideal place for these activities in Albacete. There is an extensive offer of numerous quality hunting and fishing grounds.


Hunting in Albacete

In the province of Albacete, the climatic conditions, together with the vegetation of the zone, facilitate the breeding of indigenous species, which means that this province has for a long time been a top quality reference for Spanish and international hunters .

The most outstanding hunting species are located in an ideal part of this province in order to breed and settle. However, we should specially point out obstante the hunting of the partridge.

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Fishing in Albacete

Pesca en la Laguna del ArquilloNear to the City of Albacete are the Rivers Júcar and Cabriel. In the River Júcar it is possible to fish species such as the black back, the pike , the carp, the catfish , rainbow trout and crabs. On the border with the province of Valencia, the Cabriel is ua river for all types of fishing.

The rivers of the Sierra del Segura and Alcaraz also have numerous zones and fishing grounds.

It is also possible to fish in the reservoirs of the province.

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