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Shopping and Handcrafts

Handcrafts in Albacete:
Albacete was
a meeting and business place for farmers and stockbreeders in the past, and gradually became a services city , taking up the future of state of the art technology with the aid of a very active university, which has resulted in such realities as the science and technology park and the grand leap forward of the aeronautical park .

Artesanía en Hellín

The handcrafts of Albacete are undergoing a new boost due especially to the revaluation of the singularity and creativity of individual work as opposed to the homogeneity imposed by factory production.

In other eras in Albacete, Sparta handcrafts were important in the countryside of Hellín, braided fibres for the production of panniers, baskets and mats, etc. , however , today these handcrafts have practically disappeared (although some craftsmen continue this work) or the manufacturing process for the well-known wicker chairs in La Roda and especially in La Gineta.

Wood crafts have also been important such as the manufacture of traditional furniture . Evidence of this is the fact that some craftsmen in Tarazona, Casas Ibañez,Villarrobledo, Almansa, Albacete, La Gineta, Hellín and Letur have specialized in making benches, chests and pottery stands.