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Shopping in the province

In Almansa, a large part of the working population is employed in the secondary sector, with substantial specialization inis involves shoe making which exports its goods globally. In addition, alternative industries have arisen. These involve food, wine, industrial ceramics, the metal, textile, upholstery, guitar, furniture industries , and even cowbells and shears , which make this city a very interesting commercial centre for visitors.

Artesanía de Albacete

If you have decided to visitCaudete, you can purchase objects made from resin, multi-coloured ceramics, wood and porcelain, Virgin Oil and rich local wines (white, rosé, red and muscatel), typical cakes and sweets of Caudete, dresses and embroidered cloth, harquebuses, blunderbusses and cartridge belts made by local craftsmen for the Fiestas of Moors and Christians .

In the Regional Commercial Centre, in La Roda all types of articles can be purchased. Especially interesting for visitors are the local crafts products including ceramics and especially the "cuerveras (containers for cuerva)", also forged objects, antiquities, wine, cheese, the famous gazpacho of La Mancha and above all it is necessary to taste the delicious "miguelitos (puff pastry cakes)".

Moreover, the business branch in Villarrobledo has progressed in recent years and has become engaged in the area of products derived from craftsmanship such as vats and forged products as well as wine, cheese and even disguises .

it is said that Hellín has always been known for its "caramels ". The artisan products such as b>drums, Sparta products, simple and pure ceramics characterized by simple and pure tradition, robust wines with denomination of origin in Jumilla, cheeses, sausages, preserves, religious statues, embroidery and all types of articles form part of the possibilities of Hellín. In the the neighbouring Tobarra the speciality is drum craftsmanship although it is also possible to buy wine and sausages .

In Casas Ibáñez the main town of the region there is also substantial commercial activity although the farming industry is the most important with products derived from rabbit breeding, sausages and wine .

Although we have only referred to the more populous cities, the regions where these are the main towns and almost the totality of the towns of the province have an attractive range of crafts, manual work and products of all types which will surprise the traveller.

In the Sierra de Alcaraz there are outstanding farming products such as wine, cheese, sausages, oil , etc. although it is also possible to acquire products derived from traditional textile craftsmanship , wood or hunting craftsmanship: leather pouches, bags, garnishing .

Throughout the Sierra del Segura there is an incipient farming industry involving ecological products where it is possible to buy: sausages, oil, dried fruits, pickles, bread, cakes, jams, eggs and ecological yoghourt . The craftsmanship of the zone has recovered ancient trades and places on the market the craftsmanship of stonework, doll making, children’s games, soap, ceramics, weaving, tapestry and bronze work.