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Industrial Tourism

Albacete has an excellent geographical position and a diversity of resources, which, throughout history, have enabled it to become a top class nucleus for commerce, craftsmanship and industry as it can offer tourists and visitors products which combine tradition and modernity, and new alternatives to traditional tourism.

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Within this aspect of Albacete, a new touristic initiative has been put into practice aimed at creating a series of industrial circuits for visits and to publicise the industrial culture of the most representative companies within the productive sectors of the province.

With industrial tourism the intention is not only to visit the factories and workshops, but to go one step forward and publicise the manufacturing techniques of certain craftsmanship products such as the craft of knife making, food and craftsmanship in general , many of which are transmitted from father to son; such as the latest technology, the metal sector, the aeronautical industry, robotics and renewable energies in order to get to know these better.

In the City of Albacete it is possible to visit workshops engaged in the traditional industry of knife making , the manufacture of wineskins, book binding, the creation of sweets and chocolates, the manufacture of traditional ceramics (water jars, cuerveras for the cuerva drink, etc.), transformation of glass, the manufacture of products for gifts and factories of the most modern industries, such as aeronautics or those engaged in renewable energies: solar, thermal, photovoltaic, etc.

Very near to Albacete, in La Roda, we can visit facrories engaged in the manufacture of paint, the processing of natural stone, the making of traditional ceramics and the miguelitos (puff pastry cakes). Almansa is another point where a large number of companies are concentrated and offer proposals for industrial tourism, such as the manufacture of shoe heels, the making of preserves and traditional ironworks.

However, there are many other points in the area where industrial tourism can be carried out, such as in Madrigueras in order to get to know the making of Roman Scales and vinegar , in Mahora the making of cheese and in Elche de la Sierra the making of toys or hand-made soaps.

Special mention must be made of the numerous wine cellars engaged in wine tourism, especially in Villarrobledo, La Roda, Chinchilla, El Bonillo and Almansa.

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