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Routes in Albacete. Discover the Routes in the Province of Albacete:

Below we show you an endless number of routes you can take in Albacete and in its province. Adventure sports and activities linked todirect contact with nature , and the growing demand to recuperate areas in the natural environment responsibly are the keys to responsible tourism whose main actor is the visitor. Country tourism , active tourism and hiking are three of the main attractions of the province, and are excellent choices to make in order to enjoy open air activities.


Hiking routes

A mixture of sport, walking and travelling, hiking is one of the leisure activities with most supporters as it combines direct contact with nature and exercise as intense as the hiker wishes.

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Recommended routes

The Route of the Valle del Júcar, the Route of the Valle del Cabriel, the Archaeology Route, The Drum Route, the Castle Route, The Green Way of Alcaraz, The Route of the Water Highlands, ...

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Other Routes

The Route of Don Quixote, the Rout of José Luis Cuerda, ...

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