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Fauna and Flora

Fauna and Flora of Albacete:
The natural environment of Albacete is a natural localization which is extremely rich in flora and fauna, where we can find the most common species of the Mediterranean region, such as the wildcat and the genet and others which are unique in the world and in serious danger of extinction, such as the Iberian mountain goat . The flora typical of these conditions are the oaks oak which cover most part of the territory of Albacete although over time most of the oak groves have been turned into crops of cereals, vineyards and scrubland such as thyme fields, sparta fields, rosemary fields and shrubland rich in aromatic plants.


Fauna of Albacete:

We invite you to discover the diverse. Prolific fauna of Albacete, which you can find out about in depth in our Provincial Environmental Education Centre and in Nature Classrooms.

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Flora of Albacete:

The botanical variety of the flora of Albacete, is are the product of different climate, altitude, relief and soil type conditions can be synthesised in five botanical areas .

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