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Natural Areas

Natural Areas of Albacete:
The natural areas of Albacete are a top class touristic product in the province of Albacete, and constitute a varied natural museum of ecosystems, indigenous flora and fauna and landscapes and places of incomparable beauty . The strict environmental protection of these nature parks in Albacete and its province makes it possible for the visitor, the local population and the natural environment to interrelate. Come and discover endless natural landscapes and unique areas in the province of Albacete.

Llanura manchega

Natural landscapes of Albacete: Unique areas in the Province of Albacete

The Nature Park of Las Lagunas de Ruidera (Albacete) -  Paraje Natural.

Lagunas de RuideraThis has been a protected natural area since 1933 and became a Nature Park in 1979. It is the most exceptional and extensive wetland in Castilla- La Mancha. The Nature Park of Las Lagunas de Ruidera is 25 kilometres long with a string of 15 lakes (11 of which are situated in the province of Albacete, 3 in Ciudad Real and one is shared between the municipal areas of Ossa de Montiel and Ruidera).

The Lakes situated in the valley of the Alto Guadiana communicate with each other , both on the surface and underground. Ie seasons when there is more rainfall, autumn and spring, the lakes show all their beauty, serving a large number of waterfalls, therefore, it is advisable to travel through the Nature Park at these times of the year.

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The Nature Park of Los Calares del Mundo and La Sima (Albacete) – Natural Area.

Nacimiento del Rio MundoLuated at ocated in the middle of Sierra del Segura and with an extension of 19,192 Hectares, it takes in the municipal areas of Cotillas, Molinicos, Vianos, Villaverde del Guadalimar, Yeste and Riopar . From Riopar we can access the park situated at 5 kilometres by the diversion signposted as "Cueva de Los Chorros". In this natural area is the source of the waters of the River Mundo which arise in a really spectacular fashion. The waterfall is over 300m metres high and is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Spain. The rainwater and the snow are filtered in El Calar through the sinkholes, and the area is the second in Spain with most density of sinkholes.

In addition, the network of galleries and caverns over 40 metres long and with more than 85 cavities explored collect the water which subsequently appears in the cave has an irregular functioning system which is not very well known and gives rise to what is called "the blow out". This is the sudden, enormous increase in the outlet flow which gives the impression that, in fact, the cave has blown out. Once the river falls into space, it forms cataracts and waterfalls of marvellous beauty, subsequently forming pools, in crystalline ponds, forming what the people of the region call "The Stewpans ".

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The Valleys of the Júcar and the Cabriel (Albacete) – Natural Area.

Villa de VesWe must classify as surprising or even spectacular the grandiose spectacle of the infinite plain of La Mancha falling sharply to the River J úcar, forming a unique landscape called the Valley of the Júcar. The traveller who goes down river will notice the small hamlets with cave houses excavated from rock in Ribera de Cubas in the stately Jorquera, formerly "Xurquera", a medieval villa surrounded by walls, and the unrepeatable Alcalá del Júcar one of the most singular towns in Spain, where the traveller will seriously doubt when choosing between its magnificent views, its monuments, its gastronomy, its caves in the vertical wall, etc., in short, everything.

The Valley of El Cabriel, a tributary of the Júcar contains one of the most crystalline rivers in Europe , the intense bluish green colour of its waters, the interesting woods on its banks with ashes, willows, poplars and the continuance of an unspoiled ecosystem due to the isolation and inaccessibility of many corners of this natural enclave emphasise its landscape and biological interest.

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