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Lagunas de Ruidera Natural Park

Natural space protected since gaining status as a natural park in 1979. It is the most exceptional and extensive wetland in Castilla-La Mancha.

The Lagunas de Ruidera Natural Park stretches along nearly 25 km. forming a string of  15 lakes (11 of them are located in the province of Albacete, 3 in Ciudad Real and one divided between the villages of Ossa de Montiel and  Ruidera).

The lakes, located in the valley of the Alto Guadiana are connected one to another both underground and on the surface. Autumn and spring are the most rainy seasons, and the lakes then display their full beauty, giving life to a large number of waterfalls . Accordingly it is particularly recommended to enjoy the natural park in this time of the year.

The entire, nearly 4,000 Ha. valley home to the lakes is surrounded by forests of oak, dotted with highly-prized juniper species (protected species) with hardwood and an aromatic scent. The vegetation on the waterlogged lake banks, where a much of the park’s ecological value lies , serves as shelter for various fauna, above all, water birds..

Map of the Natural Park

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Lagunas de Ruidera

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